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Mr. J – Life Coach


Welcome to Common Sense Matters. My name is L.E. Johnson.

This blog is intended to be a mental refuge for the rational mind that is struggling to retain its sanity in a world ruled by feelings and emotional sentiment.

A place where those craving common sense and reason, can gather to ruminate with like-minded souls.

I have found that this tendency of the human mind to default to the subjective instead of objective reality is the basis of most, if not all of the problems we struggle with as human beings.

As a matter of fact, the Bible specifically says, in order to avoid this dilemma, we should take captive each and every thought and examine it’s credibility and validity, before accepting it or acting upon it.

While dealing with this dilemma over the years, I have learned how to dissect seemingly complex issues and ideas and explain them in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

I have also learned how to quickly get to the bottom line of what often appear to be seemingly irreconcilable interpersonal, relationship problems and situations.

Serving as a manager, teacher, elder, pastor, friend and father has given me plenty of opportunities to hone these skills and use them to effectively counsel and advise a lot of people over the years.

Many of those individuals have repeatedly suggested that I write a book or do seminars to share this knowledge and experience with a broader audience.

This blog is my attempt to honor that recommendation, while also doing my part to offer a practical remedy to a major problem affecting our lives and the well being of our nation.

This is not an advice column. Nor is it my intention to try and persuade anybody in any way.

My only desire is to share my thoughts, experiences and opinions with those who are looking for the kind of information and counsel we are providing.

We hope what we share will inform, encourage and possibly help them function more effectively in a world that has deified and exalted feelings, emotions and opinions.

I am not interested in debate, criticism or critiques. However, questions of clarification or personal application are welcome.

We also appreciate suggestions for future topics and all feedback regarding how something you read on this site served as a catalyst for a meaningful change in your life.

Thank you for your interest in this blog. If you have found it beneficial, worthwhile or even just interesting, feel free to  spread the word and let other like minded people know we are here.

And if you can relate to where we’re coming from, come on in and take advantage of the refuge.

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Be blessed.


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 Twitter: @CommonSense724

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A mental refuge for the rational mind


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