Black Lives Matter

How Black Lives Matter Became All Lives Matter

Why Such A Clear Easy To Understand Slogan Has Generated So Much Public Resentment Anger And Derision

When supporters and sympathizers say or hear the phrase Black Lives Matter, it simply means: Why do so many Americans hate blacks and treat them so badly? After all, blacks are human, too.

When the opposition crowd says or hears the phrase Black Lives Matter, to them it means: White lives don’t matter. Blacks hate white people. Blacks hate America. Blacks hate the police. Blacks want to kill all cops.

Black-Lives-Matter. How did such a simple, clear, easy to understand slogan become such a volatile, misconstrued, political lightning rod in such a short time? As you will soon see, the answer to that question is very simple.


As with most of the divisive social issues plaguing America today, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is simply the latest iteration of a long line of manufactured controversies, that are specifically designed to keep Americans distracted and divided.

In order to fully comprehend what’s really going on with BLM or any other political controversy or divisive social issue, we have to understand three basic realities associated with attaining and maintaining real political power and control:

  1. If no one is in control, eventually another power is going to fill that void. And if you are in control, somebody is always waiting in the wings to overthrow you and take your power.
  2. The best way to maintain power is through division and distraction. If the population you control, is distracted and or fighting among themselves, they are easier to manipulate, control and hold at bay.
  3. The masses are most likely to revolt or rebel when they are hopeless and feel they have nothing to lose. That is why most modern day powers like America have all the government giveaway programs.


Beginning with the Founding Fathers, America’s power elites understand these principles and they understand them well. The media, politicians and government bureaucrats are the main tools the ruling class uses to keep the American public distracted, quarreling and under control. Based on all the controversial policies that have been imposed on us lately, you can see, the strategy is working very well.

As a side note, most people don’t realize the racial tension in America is and always has been a political ploy, instituted and maintained by the ruling elite to retain power and control. Racism is not a natural phenomenon. Historically speaking, without government intervention, blacks and whites have always gotten along with no problem.

That’s why from slavery all the way through the Jim Crow and civil rights era, those in power have had to use laws, coercion and police power to force whites to mistreat and disassociate themselves from blacks.

The American brand of racism always has and still is a government created, government sustained power control mechanism imposed on the people. It’s all about policy. None of the social outcomes we see are accidental. They are the intended results of the policies that have been imposed. They are not about to passively give up that kind of power and control, anytime soon.


With these basic political realities in mind, let’s analyze the brief history of the Black Lives Matter controversy. This concept started as a Twitter hashtag expression of frustration in response to the Trevon Martin jury decision in July 2013 .

Once that hashtag started to trend, the powers-that-be immediately recognized an opportunity to further exploit and add fuel to the government generated racial tension that was already boiling over across the nation.

That humble, BLM beginning notwithstanding, these young ladies’ originally innocent sentiment has now been co-opted, bastardized and misconstrued by the power structure. It is now being used by the media as a potent political prod to goad the easily manipulated political right and keep them stirred up against blacks and liberals.

Specifically, the powers-that-be have convinced the BLM founders that their movement should be more diverse and inclusive.  As a result, BLM was expanded to include every leftwing grievance group on the planet.

Now, the exact same thing that happened to blacks in the civil rights movement, has now happened to BLM: their movement has been hijacked by the left. Click this link to their website to get a better understanding of just how completely the original BLM concept has been co-opted and supplanted.

Accordingly, BLM is no longer about blacks. It is merely one of many government media orchestrated deceptions that is being very effectively manipulated to provoke the indignant, easily offended right and further frustrate hopeful, well-meaning, but politically naive supporters and sympathizers.

The originators apparently have no idea how they are being used and played by the powers-that be, to keep the social dissension and media distractions bubbling. Like the civil rights movement, BLM is now a toothless tiger: lots of media attention, but no substantive benefit for the black community.

In short, the power structure has taken these three ladies’ public expression of personal frustration and exploited it to deepen the nation’s political divide and heighten the already seething tensions between the races, for their own selfish purposes.

As I said earlier, most blacks and BLM sympathizers and supporters, still refer to and think of BLM as it was originally intended: the lives of black people are just as important as the lives of everybody else.

People on the right see and react to the negative BLM image that is being perpetrated by the media: a bunch of leftists and militant blacks trying to foment a revolution against police and the white race.


Given that background, it is understandable why, when the two sides try to discuss BLM, it impossible to have even a basic meeting of the minds, let alone any hope for unity or change. The two sides are talking about two completely different topics.

Being misunderstood and feeling ignored once again, the black community just becomes more frustrated and further alienated. On the right, this situation simply exacerbates and deepens the media generated contempt and hostility they already have toward blacks.

Consequently, the bitterness continues to grow and the racial divide simply gets wider. The bottom line is, the natives are once again all riled up and dutifully focused on quarreling with each other. The ruling class is able to continue enjoying the fruits of their subterfuge without disruption.

The powers-that-be were not about to tolerate another genuine black civil rights movement, which is what the original BLM movement was on its way to becoming. They are more than willing to tolerate a faux BLM movement they control. If things should get out of hand, no problem. The elites will simply use the police (and the military if necessary) to put down the insurrection they have instigated.


In conclusion, now you know the origin and original purpose of the Black Lives Matter concept. Also, you now know how the concept ended up with the negative public image it has today. Finally, this information should help you understand why there is such a bitter, acrimonious disconnect between BLM supporters and those who oppose it.

Again, this public confusion is neither accidental nor coincidental. It is part of the plan. For the reasons stated above, distracting confusion is exactly what the ruling class needs and wants. That’s how they maintain power and stay in control.

This pathetic situation is yet another example of why it is so important to be a thinker and not just a mindless repeater.

Until next time, be blessed.

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