How To Have A Civil Discussion About Politics With A Liberal

My generation grew up during a time when polite people did not discuss such intensely personal topics as religion or politics in public. For the most part, I’ve been able to avoid all the viciousness, vitriol and acrimony by sticking to that policy. Obviously, for the public at large, that custom has fallen by the wayside in today’s world.

Nowadays, not only is there no longer any discretion, many people have absolutely no problem publicly discussing anything. As a matter of fact, most seem to feel obligated to let the world know what they feel and think in a very loud and shrill manner. Furthermore, they will emphatically let you know how stupid you are for having the audacity to express a different opinion than theirs.

This week, it was my turn to go through the grinder. I was blindsided by an unexpected call from a rabid supporter of all things left. The caller allegedly wanted to “understand” how a black man who calls himself a Christian, could be a Trump supporter. I thought to myself, most people are only interested in talking, not listening. Nobody cares about your feelings, let alone wasting time trying to understand where you’re coming from.

Nevertheless, I took the bait. However, I insisted on one caveat. If the purpose of the discussion truly was to “understand” my thought process, the conversation would have to be limited to that discussion only. No debate, rebuttals, critique, counterpoints or other negative push back. It was awkward, but we made it through without destroying the relationship.

I have posted a summary of my explanation in case someone can use it in a similar situation. Remember, the other person has to ask you for your opinion or thought process and the person has to agree to your terms for the discussion. Otherwise it will just end up being the usual, meaningless, counterproductive waste of time. Here it is:

“You asked me how I, as both a black man and a Christian, could support Donald Trump. In my opinion, the raging, bitter, vitriolic national debate that many think is about Donald Trump, actually has nothing to do with Trump. In reality, the real issue is, we are in a serious, end-times spiritual battle for the future of this nation.

The ongoing character assassination being perpetrated against President Trump is nothing more than a political red herring the media and the establishment have put in front of the people to distract them from the real issues. Let me explain.

The core of the side you are supporting, believes in a secular, one-world, globalist society. The other side believes in a Judeo-Christian, nationalist, sovereign nation form of governance. Unfortunately, most of the people raging against Trump perceive this battle to be about Trump’s personality and his stated political beliefs, because that is how the media has framed this battle in order to distract people and keep them from seeing and discussing the real core issues which, as I said, are conflicting political ideologies and competing world views.

Until Trump came along and mucked things up, the establishment was probably within a decade of having totally secularized and restructured the U.S. They are hoping that if they can destroy / get rid of Trump, they will be eliminating the only REAL threat to the progress they have made to date. Thus the unrelenting campaign to turn as many people against him as possible and hamper his every effort to accomplish the anti secular society, anti one-world, anti globalist agenda he has set out as his political objective.

Anybody running for president or any other influential political position today, who does not believe in a secular, one-world, globalist society would also have been viciously attacked and negatively characterized, the exact same way. Based on past examples, all the people who would again, erroneously believe the battle actually was about a person, would be dutifully and faithfully repeating all the exact same negative things about that person that are now being said about Trump.

So, again, to answer your question more accurately, no, I am not a Trump supporter in the “yes or no” sense you were asking. I am a Trump support only in the sense that he supports the underlying core values the secularists, the one-worlders and the globalists so ardently despise, detest and abhor. Trump happens to be the only person in American politics today, who openly represents that position, his personality and other supposed flaws (i.e. like King David, the apple of God’s eye, who slept with his soldier’s wife and then murdered the man to keep it hidden), not withstanding.

Again, I don’t want, need or expect you to agree with or even understand anything I’ve said. Also, I have no desire to know or hear what you think about Trump or why. I am only sharing my opinion because you said you wanted to know how I, as a christian and a black man, could support Trump, as you perceive and believe him to be. I hope this better answers your question and further clarifies my response.”

I hope that helps. Good luck talking to the liberals in your circles. Please remember to be a thinker and not just a hopeless repeater.

Until next time, be blessed.

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