The Consequences Of Homosexuality Gone Wild

Even though I have read and analyzed the baffling tale of Sodom and Gomorrah over and over again, because of the modern day controversy over the issue of homosexuality, this time around I paid special attention to every detail. That focus led me to discover some sobering information I had not noticed before.

I already knew homosexual intercourse, especially between men, is forbidden and explicitly and unequivocally condemned, over and over throughout the Bible. What I had either forgotten or never consciously realized is, the Bible also lays out some far reaching, very serious consequences for violating that prohibition.

Specifically, the story of Sodom And Gomorrah explains why God is so adamantly against homosexuality and how he plans to deal with those who indulge in it.

Why God Hates Same Sex Intercourse

According to the story, the men of Sodom, old and young, were obsessed with a raging desire to rape the strange men who were visiting Lot’s house. So deep was their sexual obsession, even after the angels struck them blind, they were still trying desperately to get their hands on them. That is intense lust. If you have not read this story in a while, it is well worth the read.

Modern day man insists homosexuality is natural and therefore, no big deal. However, the word of God does not exaggerate the truth. Apparently, this condition is infectious, seeing how it had become so pervasive and virulent throughout that region.

Less than a decade ago, it would have been easy to blow this story off as being unrealistic hyperbole. However, after seeing how thoroughly homosexuality has infiltrated every single aspect of American life in such a short time, suddenly the story of Sodom And Gomorrah no longer appears to be neither ridiculous nor incredulous.

Evidently, based on what we see in this story, once a man yields to homosexual urges and indulges those passions, that decision and the corresponding behavior opens the door for the homosexual spirit to take total control of a person’s mind, body and soul.

Homosexual Feelings Are Not A Sin

The Bible says we all shall be judged for our sins on Judgement Day. However, homosexuality is one of several specific sins the Bible says will disqualify one from even going through judgement. Specifically, a practicing homosexual CANNOT go to heaven. That means God won’t even waste his time with you. He takes this behavior very, very seriously.

Remember, no man has control over what he feels or the thoughts that come into his mind. The only thing we are responsible for is how we respond to those thoughts and feelings. God has no quarrel with people who have homosexual feelings, impulses or inclinations. As you can see from the penalty, He does have a serious problem with a person who acts on them.

On the other hand, He promises to reward us beautifully for resisting ungodly urges and choosing to respect and obey him, instead. God actually looks forward to giving “attaboys”  when a wrong doer turns to him. Conversely, he promises to hold us accountable when we give in, unless we repent and change our ways before we die. In other words, “it ain’t over, til it’s over” as they say.

All Decisions Have Consequences

For sure, everybody reading this post has his or her own opinion on this subject. However, what we think or how we feel about the Bible or God is irrelevant. Reality is not based on our thoughts, beliefs, feelings or opinions. The only thing that matters is whether your position is right or wrong when it’s all over.

If there is no God and the Bible turns out to be just another book, no harm, no foul. On the other hand, if God really does exist and the Bible is his word, do you really want to be standing in front of God on Judgement Day, trying to explain why you felt like your opinion out weighed his?

You  Could Have Been Born With Homosexual Feelings

I would like to close by saying, if you or someone you know or love is living life as an active homosexual, please understand this post is not meant to be an attack on homosexuals. The purpose is to make sure everyone knows what the Bible says the consequences will be if you act on your homosexual impulses.

To those who look down their noses with contempt, the Bible says we all are subject to the same passions. Except for the grace of God, that person you’re looking down your nose at, could be you or someone you love.

My point is this, I know how much trouble I have fighting to overcome and control my own personal demons. I cannot imagine what it must be like to go through life battling an internal conflict as serious as being a man who only gets turned on by other men or being a man who feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body.

The last thing a person in that position needs is open contempt, abuse and insults from those around them. If anyone needs our prayers and compassion, they do. That does not mean we need to affirm or condone their behavior. We just need to treat them the same way we want to be treated. It’s called godly love.

Until next time, be blessed.

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